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n2-Anpan OMP!!

New Year, New Goals!

I am VERY excited about my prospects for 2008. Aside from getting "Excellent" luck this year from my annual omikuji, I am determined to do my best to make my comic and business succeed.

In attempts to be more.. proactive about my work, I'm going to start posting my nemu*nemu strip and blog update notifications here alongside my blog entries on LJ~ :D

Think of it as... an extra treat. ^^

Da Vinci Code - Episode 222 - Nemu and Anpans Christmas Puzzle
Click on the image to view the rest of today's strip!

In the meanwhile, we have some other news of interest!

  • KS and I are confirmed to attend Kawaii Kon 2008! This will be our second year exhibiting there and we will be in the dealer's room, as usual. Aside from our usual stack of merchandise, we're planning to have Book 2 ready for sale and few other surprises.

  • Also, we are in the midst of confirming our mainland debut at Fanime 2008. We think it's the right size with the right kind of audience. We're working out the details, but are super excited by this prospect! We will be in the dealer's room and are working out our flight and hotel options over the next few weeks.

Sooo much stuff to do, but I will maintain my positive outlook that this year will be spectacular. :D