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What a weekend. D:

More @ nemu*nemu, every M*W*F!

Wow. I've fallen behind on my updates here, but it's mostly because we've been posting our strips later and later as I'm kinda behind schedule. Aie.

In the meanwhile, I've been keeping tabs on what's been going on in Japan. I'm incredibly heart-broken to see the country is under such duress and that whole towns have been literally washed away.

I'm working on a few things that we will sell in later April that all proceeds will go to the American Red Cross and other charitable organizations. I'm too far behind on my schedule at this moment to do something immediately and as I understand it, continued support over the next few months after the media coverage has died down is needed.

In the meanwhile, I have a smaller event this Friday at MidPac. No new merchandise will be available at this event, but I'll be posting more details at the nemu*blog once they become available.
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