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Unexpected Discovery
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Wednesday Comic: Unexpected Discovery

More @ nemu*nemu, every M*W*F!

A couple shots from this afternoon when I was working on this @ my tumblr: 1, 2

I've been inking this chapter straight to paper/bristol board. It's not as clean, but much faster. I worry too much about perfection when I'm working in Painter/Photoshop. It also keeps me more alert -- I really have to concentrate on so many different things when working directly on paper.

Although, the more I work with brush pens, I find my preferences change depending what I'm working on. I really should get to doing that updated brush pen review. :3

P.S. Ajay Banana's Beef Jerky is the BEST. The cowboy dry one is by far my favorite, although the one place that sells it here sells it at $9 a bag. :\ urgh.

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I really love the panelling on this strip. eeee~ X33

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