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Hello LiveJournal! Goodbye 2010!

Oops! Been rather lax about posting here! I still check in regularly at LiveJournal to see recent posts, but I've noticed they've become far and few in-between.

I have been posting much more regularly to tumblr -- which despite some weird downtimes, it's so much more convenient to update to. I've connected my instagram account, which I can post easily post nifty photos when I'm out and about. Complete with filters~ :3

Monday's Comic: The Package

More @ nemu*nemu, every M*W*F!

BTW- for those who don't know what's going on, this is a new character -- Enchilada. :D He's made an appearance before a few years back and a cameo here and there. :3 This chapter has been dedicated to one of his adventures with Pollo~ :D You might want to start from the beginning~

I'm pretty sure 2011 will be a year of a lot of changes... starting off with sales on a ton of my stuff. I've accumulated a lot of junk these past few years and with less-to-no-time to play with any of them, they're just sitting around taking up a lot of precious space.

Scott had his CD sale recently -- there are a lot of things still left, so if interested, please message one of us before he takes them all to the used CD store and gets rid of them all.

If you need a refresher:

Merry Belated Christmas and counting down to a brand new year!
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