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Stranger Things Have Happened
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Monday Comic: Stranger Things Have Happened

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic~

So tired~ but I'm slowly catching up on my blog posts and reviews. TwT;;

Speaking of which~

1) I have a new tumblr account. As for the account name (in the URL), semi-long story... but it's pretty obvious. It's primarily for sketches and whatever else pops up in my sketchbooks. I've been taking my sketchbooks along with me whenever we go out and attempting to draw more from life. I'm pretty rusty, but I figure... everyone's gotta start somewhere. ^^;

2) I have been gifted with the new Rhodia Webbie 3.0~ :D Here's my review and a giveaway for an extra webbie Exaclair was nice enough to send me~ :D

It's a new week~! Where has this year gone?

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I'll comment here since I'm not entering the giveaway. Good review, in which two shops did you see them? I'm using a Fisher Space Pen for everything now, it writes on nearly anything, so it's not like I need a fantastic notebook... except nice paper is nice... :D


I've seen them at Target and in the clearance bin at Shirokiya's stationary department (the smaller notebooks). I've debated picking them up for myself, but I have way too many notebooks as is... and don't write/draw fast enough. XD;

I like the notebooks -- they paper is nice and really handles well to fountain pens and my brush pen. They are a little pricy tho.. but I prefer them over Moleskines.

Fantastic, I'll keep an eye out. Thanks!

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