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Panda's Delivery Service
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Monday's Comic: Panda's Delivery Service

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic~!

I know I've been less than vigilant with updating here~ I've been behind schedule for a while now (but finishing most of my comics on time, thankfully) after catching a cold at the end of SDCC and spending the last few weeks recovering. My voice is still somewhat gravely, but I can breathe normally again, which is very nice.

Much in the works for the next couple months before APE -- my next show. I'll be heading there solo as I don't have high expectations and it's too expensive for me to pay for Scott's way, especially since we will be heading to New England Webcomics Weekend together.

As a note, we will be stopping off in Vegas for a few days. Any suggestions for what to do? Scott and I don't gamble, but will have a car. :D

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Vegas? Maybe just walking through the hotels down town? Most are rather amazing looking. Many have little bars where you can sit and listen to live music. Find a show you like and see that? Vegas is an interesting place. Just remember it's gonna be hot there.

Ah~ thanks~! We'll be trekking there in November... so I'm hoping it'll be much cooler. :D

We'll probably be staying in downtown (most Hawaii people go there.. and the rooms are cheaper), but won't mind driving to visit the strip~ :D

Do I sense a Panda Delivery t-shirt in the future? :D Honestly, that's a great panel. (And I still think the toy looks like Kero-chan no matter what the "official" word is... :D)

Never been to Vegas either, no suggestions here.

XD I don't have a t-shirt planned, but I think I might have something a little better. :D Maybe it'll arrive in about a month. ^^

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