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n2-Anpan OMP!!
Alright. I have officially had my first bout with con-SARS. Of course, it had to be from an event as EPIC as San Diego Comic Con.

It started off with a runny nose that I thought was allergies at the end of the con... which escalated into a sore throat and heavy mucus. Most of the nasal congestion (which at some points was pretty terrible) has now moved into my chest. So now I have a really irritating cough (mostly to clear my chest) and raspy voice to top everything off. :\ Ah well.

So a huge thank you to Sophie Weeder and Lori Grant for helping me out with guest strips~ :D

So quick recap:

1) My nemu*blog post about the con w/ a link to my photos.
2) Scott's blog post about the con w/ a link to his photos.

SDCC was a really amazing con. It had been a good 3? years since we last attended and that was only for a single day. It seems to have grown a -lot- since then, but I'm not sure if it's in a "good" way for the smaller guys. I'm super thankful we did quite well, considering our heavy expenses just to get there.

I saw a lot of folks I hadn't seen in -years-. I just wish I had more time to properly talk with them all. I was practically running on adrenaline the entire trip and was probably pretty incoherent at times. ^^;

Speaking of conventions -

My latest chapter has been more-or-less about conventions. I haven't posted them here regularly as I've just been trying to keep my head above water with my queue. D:

Start here and you'll find some cosplay cameos in my Wednesday update. XD;

Friday comic: Mystery Box

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic~

Man. I can't wait for this cold to just -go away-. Can't wait.

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Ick! :O Hope you have a speedy recovery!

I had it last year, from Fan Expo in late Aug until my birthday in mid-Oct. And I was only able to recover with the help of there antibiotics that made all my done taste like metal. :p

Ah~~.. I know some of the colds going around now are more potent than previous ones. A few months ago, I had a cough that lasted almost a month. D:

Since this particular cold is a virus, the doctor didn't prescribe anything. Just the usual "rest and lots of liquids". -sigh-

I got the cold too! It only lasted for like 4 days for me because I'm on a special immune boosting diet and take real ecchinacea and this other pill. They taste terrible but it cuts colds in half.

I wish mine had only lasted 4 days. D: Went to the doctor early on to see if I could avoid the worst of it, but he just sent me home with cough syrup with codeine. :\ Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with the doctors.

Yeah, doctors aren't usually of much help. If you don't have top line insurance you'll get a bogus diagnosis and sent home. I know myself I've had serious problems including food allergies an they just wanted to tell me it was all in my head. Like here's a funny one. They said I was perfectly healthy but gave me iron pills to take. My normal blood was 9 which is NOT healthy but then after having me on the pills I was 13 and that was their "justification" that I was healthy. But the second I was off the pills they said I didn't need my count went back down. *shakes head* I hope you're over it soon!

Geez girl, get better soon! I always get the immunity boost when I get a Jamba Juice. Just saying. :)

I know! I'm so tired of getting sick. Immunity boost sounds like a good idea. In fact, I should get back on my vitamin regimen too.

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