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Monday's Comic: Evangelism

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic!

... and it seems I forgot to post Friday's comic here:

Friday's Comic: Enlightenment

Click on the preview... you know what to~ XD;

This was a particularly popular comic of recent memory~ :D


I'm trying to raise monies to attend the New England Webcomics Weekend in November. So I'll be intermittently selling original paintings and drawings. I'm starting off with mini watercolor paintings - 3 x 4" in size~ :D

Mini Paintings Fundraiser Series Mini Paintings Fundraiser Series
Mini Paintings Fundraiser Series Mini Paintings Fundraiser Series

I'll be working on more throughout the week. I'll probably bring my art supplies with me to AX so I can work on some during my downtime... er.. if I have any. XD;
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