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Buns Charming

Monday Comic: Buns Charming

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It's been a really hot weekend -- and busy to boot. Saturday, we hit the Friends of the Library booksale twice and came home with a few nifty magazines and a couple books I've been looking at reading for a while now, but didn't want to buy at full price. :3 I hope to return during the week in hopes of finding more stuff. :D

Saturday was also my cousin's high school grad party, which was probably the most involved grad party I've ever attended! (I haven't attended many grad parties - I was not a very popular or sociable kid.) There was a slideshow, the grads performed a live acoustic song, each table had little centerpieces and chocolates, and a family friend who MC'd the event. :D It almost felt like a little wedding! :D It was a nice event and it's always nice to see my mom's side of the family.

Sunday was Father's Day -- it was more or less a usual day with a run to Target for supplies and groceries, lunch at 99 Market (or what WAS 99 Market), and a semi-late dinner with Scott's family at Gyotaku. The wait was about an hour... next time, I gotta make a note to get there really early, or eat closer to 6:30.

Ahhh~ AX is also around the corner. Have so much to do before I leave. T_T; Must focus!
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