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Generous Friend

Wednesday Comic: Generous Friend

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I think we can all use a generous friend like Buns~ :3

So from 10pm last night until lunchtime today, Scott and I have been trying to get an iPhone 4 reservation to go thru properly. We originally wanted them shipped to us, but when we had troubles getting there, we were fine with picking them up in the store. o_o; We managed to get them shipped to us by June 24th -- but now we're a little worried because recent orders have been stating a later shipping date. Even as last as July 2nd... which would be pointless for me -- since I'd MUCH prefer to have my new phone in hand by the time I hit AX. (I still have a 3G -- haven't ungraded since the release.)

I'm hopeful that things will work out. If not, ah well.

Also spent a lot of today cooking since Scott slept in this morning (he went into work late last night for server migration). I'm pretty happy with how the recipes turned out -- scrambled egg, bacon, and turkey pitas, cucumber agua fresca (REALLY good if you don't mind the cucumber smell, BTW), haiga rice - a hybrid of processed white and brown rice (for my ochazuke lunch and our fried rice dinner), and homemade gyoza.

Note to self: I think I much prefer my gyoza pan-steamed-fried than deep fried, although both tasted great. :3

Another note -- it's been really hot lately. We had to put our vornado in the work room to help cool down the ceiling that just radiates heat in the afternoon sun. It's supposed to be hotter tomorrow. I need more summer clothes.

Or I need to move. :\
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