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Good Old Days

Monday Comic: Good Old Days

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Weekends are never as productive as I'd like them to be.. but since I was also recovering from a mild infection and the antibiotics were making me super woozy, I guess the downtime was needed. At least I feel better. :D

Now that we're sort of in the "convention lull" -- since our next event isn't until late July, I can actually do some cooking again. Most of the time, it's chili because Scott's a big fan of the stuff and it's easy to make. This weekend, we scored some Kula strawberries at Costco and some salad greens and cases of kidney beans, garbanzo beans, and a rotisserie chicken. The chicken made for 2 meals -- straight chicken with cold somen noodles for lunch the day of, broth with the bones and some frozen veggies that have been in the freezer for a couple years now (>_>;;), and a chili-type soup with hominy, tomatoes, the leftover shredded chicken, and the homemade broth. :3

The strawberries went really well with the Costco "Grand Parisian" salad mix too. (I made my own dressing with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, and pepper.) I think that was the highlight of my dinner. :9 I'm marinading more strawberries in balsamic vinegar for tomorrow's salad topping. (It's also good when marinated with balsamic vinegar and sugar~~~ excellent for dessert!)

Meanwhile, I have chili cooking in the slow cooker overnight for dinner and lunch later this week. I used a cheaper/fattier grade of ground beef and it's quite a bit "wetter" than usual. There's enough "liquid" to cook another 6-8 hours, so I'm not too worried.

Back to work for me~
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