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TCAF Update!
n2-Anpan OMP!!
And so, the floor map has just been updated to the official site:

I will be at table #212, sharing a space with Hyein Lee in the webcomics pavilion on the 2nd floor!

Come by and you may also see erikochan and eaglemaina~ <3

Will be selling books, pins, jewelry, mini pups, handmade books, and some other stuff if I can fit it in my bags. o_o;

Oh Canada~ weather please be good! T_T!
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I wish I could go! I could meet you and Charles Vess!

... handmade books? I have not seen those. Are those on your sales page? (Can you link me to your sales page? I used to have it ^^;;;)

These guys~ :D
Great White North Notes

They're hand printed with the Print Gocco system, so I have 15 for sale at TCAF~ If they don't sell there, I'll have them up for sale at the nemu*shop when I return. ^^

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