Nemu ish Nemu! (kyubikitsy) wrote,
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Ready to Party?

Monday Comic: Ready to Party?

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic!

Ahahahaha~~ I love how sometimes my own comic titles seem to describe posts. They're seriously not planned that way at all.

So news.

1) I am headed to Canada for the first time EVER this week. If you are in the Toronto area and are interested in stopping by, the info is allll here~ (Except for table placement... which will come later this week. I hope.)

2) I am headed to AX. I am determined to see AKB48 in concert since I missed MM last year. In decent seats if possible. But, no - I will not be exhibiting in the AA. I was thinking long and hard about it...but I really feel if I exhibit, I should be in the dealer's room... and I'm honestly not prepared for that this year. I strongly believe that I am promoting nemu*nemu as a business and brand -- not as Audra the artist... and because I haven't really drawn anything else BUT nemu*nemu these past 5 years, I wouldn't have much to show for... except really old fanart. >_>; Chances are, I won't be cosplaying either... but I will be assisting folks, so you may see me "working". XD;

Am I ready to party? Not quite sure... but at least my cold is mostly gone. ^^
Tags: anime expo, canada, comic, event, nemu*nemu, tcaf

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