Nemu ish Nemu! (kyubikitsy) wrote,
Nemu ish Nemu!

Recovering and feeling somewhat better

So I was out most last week with a cold. I had a sneaking feeling it was coming up the week before Kawaii Kon, then the PND hit me on Saturday and got progressively worse. Hopefully I wasn't contagious -- I tried to stay as much in the back as possible and drink lots of water and eat ridiculous amounts of throat drops. ^^;

So, a week later, I'm feeling much better. So much so that I just have the froggy voice every now and again and stopped taking the cough syrup. Good timing too because I have to start getting ready for TCAF next weekend.

Short notice for those who plan to see me and pick up some items from my shop - I have a 3ft space and limited carrying space in my luggage. I don't plan to bring shirts or hats and will have a limited number of plush on hand. If you're interested in any of those items, PLEASE contact me before Monday, May 3rd so I have time to pack it into my luggage.

Also, we're planning a small and cozy meet-up on Sunday, post-TCAF.

See my post @ the nemu*blog for more info~ I'm looking for some local feedback and suggestions~ ^^



OMP - AKB48 is a performing guest @ AX this year. I missed MM last year and am now wondering how in the world I am going to get my butt there for this event. >_>;; I wonder if I can work as Deb's assistant for this event and cover panels for her. XD;


Fourth -- on a side note, taking care of the family dogs is almost as bad as taking care of kids. T_T;; It's hard to do work when one starts to snort-honk at you to go outside and they want to play around for more than a few minutes. :\

Much less poop in front of the neighbor's house. =_=;

-will be back to posting my comic updates a little later today~ have lots to catch up. ^^;-
Tags: anime expo, kawaii kon, life, tcaf

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