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Recovering and feeling somewhat better
n2-Anpan OMP!!
So I was out most last week with a cold. I had a sneaking feeling it was coming up the week before Kawaii Kon, then the PND hit me on Saturday and got progressively worse. Hopefully I wasn't contagious -- I tried to stay as much in the back as possible and drink lots of water and eat ridiculous amounts of throat drops. ^^;

So, a week later, I'm feeling much better. So much so that I just have the froggy voice every now and again and stopped taking the cough syrup. Good timing too because I have to start getting ready for TCAF next weekend.

Short notice for those who plan to see me and pick up some items from my shop - I have a 3ft space and limited carrying space in my luggage. I don't plan to bring shirts or hats and will have a limited number of plush on hand. If you're interested in any of those items, PLEASE contact me before Monday, May 3rd so I have time to pack it into my luggage.

Also, we're planning a small and cozy meet-up on Sunday, post-TCAF.

See my post @ the nemu*blog for more info~ I'm looking for some local feedback and suggestions~ ^^



OMP - AKB48 is a performing guest @ AX this year. I missed MM last year and am now wondering how in the world I am going to get my butt there for this event. >_>;; I wonder if I can work as Deb's assistant for this event and cover panels for her. XD;


Fourth -- on a side note, taking care of the family dogs is almost as bad as taking care of kids. T_T;; It's hard to do work when one starts to snort-honk at you to go outside and they want to play around for more than a few minutes. :\

Much less poop in front of the neighbor's house. =_=;

-will be back to posting my comic updates a little later today~ have lots to catch up. ^^;-

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I'm glad you are feeling better!
Hope you have enough time to rest up before those events >_<)/ take care!

(Deleted comment)
Yay for AKB!

And at least with family dogs you can get reference for nemu nemu XD!

Hope you are feeling better, and please get some rest.

If you are really interested in coming to AX, I may have an extra crash space in the hotel room for you. Please feel free to PM me for details. (You don't have to miss out this time. ^_^ )

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