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To Boldly Go...

Friday's Comic: To Boldly Go...

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic~

So Thursday was a full of YAY!
(Not in any particular order:)

Promo Cards - 2010
1) My promo cards arrived in the mail and look fantastic.

2) I have a space to sell stuff at TCAF in May~! SO FULL OF YAY!

3) nemu*nemu's 4th anniversary! (Year 5, here we come~~)

and the not so yay:

1) Order arrives from supply company... and is missing a couple items. Called customer service, but they were already closed for the day. :\

But... more YAY to come on Friday...

But other side note -- eating hard candies like nerds and runts all day really scratches up the back of my mouth. URGH.
Tags: anniversary, business, event, nemu*nemu, tcaf, yay

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