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Rider's Remorse
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Friday Comic: Rider's Remorse

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic!

So, Volume 4 is more or less ready to be printed. We will be making a small re-run of Volume 3 to last us thru this convention/event season, then they will be retired. (We still have a lot of Volume 2 -- and a pretty decent amount of Volume 1s)

This weekend has been more relaxing than past weekends since most of the major deadlines are out of the way. Doesn't mean I'm off the hook -- I still have a bunch of strips to complete before the con season starts... but thankfully, we brainstormed the rest of this pretty epic chapter. I'm glad we didn't insert the start of Chapter 40 in the book... it would have made for a somewhat awkward start for Volume 5. :D

The next few weeks will be dedicated to Kawaii Kon prep. Volume 4 will probably go up for pre-sale sometime late this week and product reveals will be on the way during the countdown.

Travel plans for TCAF and Fanime are set. We're STILL waiting for the flights to drop for San Diego. *sigh* I knew we should have booked earlier, but bah - I'll know better next year.