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Hardy Har Har!
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Friday's Comic: The Victor

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic!

For those of you keeping up with the comic, I'll bet you didn't see THIS one coming! XD

In other news, I'm decided to make the journey to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival happening this May 8-9. I'll probably be making the journey solo.. and I probably won't have a table -- although I *might* be able to bum some space off friends to sell some of my books. *crossing fingers* It'll be a crazy long trip for a 3 day stay, but I have somewhat high hopes. T_T;

Anyone else planning on going? I really don't know what to expect in terms of well.. everything. I'm guessing I will need my passport... do I need to exchange money?? Is this area safe at night??


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(Deleted comment)
Loonies and Toonies?? XD!

I should contact my dad about checking the bank's exchange rates. ^o^!

Toronto is probably just as safe at night as Montreal is! (which is very safe!)

I REALLY want to go to TCAF! I just don't know if I can afford hotel and ticket. Traveling is not a problem for me, since I would probably use my car (I've done the ride before) and it wouldn't cost that much.

You'll need CAN$ for sure though. So you'll definitely need to exchange money.

Thanks so much for the heads up~!

I'm pretty much set flight-wise to Toronto~ (Sooo not looking forward to the CRAZY LONG flights.. *cry*) I haven't figured out the room situation. Heather suggested renting residence halls for a couple days which are super affordable ($40-50 a day?)

Most likely, I'll stay in a hotel for the days of the event so I'm in easy walking distance. If you'd like to share a room, let me know~ :D The event itself is free.

OHHH! By Heather, do you mean Erikochan?? Is she planning on coming also?? That would be so neat! =D

I'd definitely be willing to share an hotel! And I didn't know it was free! That's even better! I would only have to pay travel, and hotel! I can do that! =D

Count me in! I really want to do this and I think it's the right time for me! =D

(I don't know if you have my e-mail: mail (at) moonlight-whispers.com )

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