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Cutting the Cheese
Tea for 2
Friday's Comic: Cutting the Cheese

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic!

We took a break tonight to hit the Milano Freezer tweet up~!
Milano Freezer @ Manoa Tweet Up!
All the nyama flavors~

Milano Freezer @ Manoa Tweet Up!
The "dry" toppings~

Milano Freezer @ Manoa Tweet Up!
The "wet" toppings~ (I highly recommend the strawberry tapioca. So nyamas!)

Milano Freezer @ Manoa Tweet Up!
... and the menu~ :D

A few more photos at my personal flickr account~ Still contemplating upgrading this account, but I'm usually uploading to the nemu*flickr that switching between accounts is a pain...

So it got me thinking...

If we held a nemu*nemu meet up here in Hawaii -- how many folks would show up?


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My stomach just growled. That looks so good!

I pay for my Flickr account because besides being able to upload more photos, I consider it to be storage for my photos. A number of years ago a friend's computer crashed and he was able to get his photos back by ordering them on disc from Flickr.

If I was in Hawaii or had the money to get there I'd show up. But since I'm not (boo) don't count me.

I think they have a couple locations on the mainland as well? http://www.milanofreezer.com/

Thanks for the feedback about the meet up! I wish I could travel out to California and do one in LA -- since we never seem to hit that area for events.. always San Jose or San Diego. :\

Thanks for the link, I will have to keep an eye for Milano Freezer if I am in one of those areas.

Well if Comicon moves in a couple years, you might just be heading to LA for it.

:9~ Yuuuuuum~ Now I'm hungry! XD

I'd go!...if...I was on island at the time.

Oooooh, icecreaaaammm--where is that place? Is it down by Waikiki side?

Thanks for the feedback! I know~ timing is always difficult with school, holiday, vacations, events. etc.. ~

This is the one at Manoa Marketplace-- they also have one in Aiea (by Toys n' Joys there)


Edited at 2010-02-27 01:48 am (UTC)

ahhh, I see! I'll have to totally hit it up when I go back home. : >

Thanks! I love my wittle Faiz icon. He's so 'dorable.

Wow! That place looks amazing! But do they do big ice creams like jumbo sundaes? Because I don't see having pieces of fruits on ice cream unless it's BIIIIG!

It's more of a gelato/frozen yogurt place -- they have HUGE servings.. even the kids size is a large single scoop. o_o; I think they just pile the toppings on, regardless of how full the cup is. XD

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