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Super Bowl Weekend

Monday's Comic: Chef Alistair

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Busy weekend~ We hit the Punahou Carnival on Saturday morning and got rather toasty -- it *didn't* rain this weekend (as far as where we were) but it was a little voggy. Since I started taking Nasonex, things have improved quite a bit. I don't sneeze all the time and can breathe normally most days. However, my rash started coming back today, so I'm wondering if I have a reaction to either the weather or the Aveeno SPF moisturizer.

After the carnival, we completely wiped out. We crashed for a few hours, then hunted for some dinner in Kaneohe/Kailua. We ended up at Willow Tree Korean Restaurant. Not bad, really -- actually, it was like an O-bok in Kaneohe. I had the yuk gae jang while Scott had his usual meat jun. I'm still craving good soon dubu, but again, it's not cold enough for me to comfortably enjoy the stuff. T_T;;;

Sundays are often our errand days, so nothing too exciting there. Spent a few hours cooking chili for tomorrow. (I know it was Super Bowl Day, or what have you, but we're not really sports fans.) I'm looking forward to trying out this recipe. If it's good, I might try again by subbing in bacon and black beans and taking out the veggie oil and kidney beans. (I'm just not a fan of kidney beans either...)
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