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Bunch of Words - Few Pictures
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Monday's Comic: 1000 Words But No Pictures

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic!

It's a busy week. (When do I not say this?)

I sometimes ponder if I would like to be a "mover-and-shaker". One who influences what masses of other people do.

Today is supposedly Hourly Comic Day, where cartoonists the world over do a comic (however short or long) each and every hour. Most seem to capture each person's day as it happens.

I really don't have time to do stuff like that, although it would be neat to attempt. I have to get much farther ahead of my schedule first. :\ I'm still terribly behind.

So maybe I'll do it one random day I'm not so busy and feel relatively inspired.

Other news - It's I <3 Anpan Week!

For those who don't read my comic, Anpan is the frowny faced pup. He often gets the short end of the stick - especially at events. People will often opt for the smiley-faced Nemu. That makes me sad, because Anpan is really a sweet pup - He's just grossly misunderstood.

So we are hosting a 1 week sale on all our Anpan items~

I really like this banner Scott threw together last night~ <3

Sale ends on February 6th~!

Also, I have a nemu*blog of my own and occasionally do reviews and other miscellaneous write-ups.

My most recent was on my Eyeko cosmetics order. It took about a month for things to arrive via SAL, but I'm quite impressed with the products.

If interested in reading about it and entering my little giveaway for an extra fat balm I received - read on! Entries will close on Friday and winner will be contacted on Saturday~ ^^

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(Deleted comment)
Actually Anpan's been my fave since the beginning :X lol.

Anpan always seems mentally sharper compared to the more innocent Nemu. I like Anpan though! :D

P.S. We still have to do that collab someday! Whenever we both get time lol T_T

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