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Wednesday's Comic: Pizza Sammich

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So Scott is currently on a low carb, low-sugar diet. (Or at least a constrained diet plan with low limits of both.) So far, he's doing okay. I think he's on day 3 and plans to eat tacos for dinner tonight. Similar to the Atkin's diet, he's intaking more meats and fats, but reducing the amount of sugar by a LOT.

To get a feel for things, ingest no more than 15 grams of sugar... for the entire day. When an orange has 8-9 grams per fruit or a subway veggie delight has 6 per serving... it's scary just how much sugar we regularly eat... and not even think about it.

I've been trying to pare down my sugar intake as well, as my family seems to have a history of diabetes. Never too late to start. ^^;

In other news, the new Apple iPad looks promising. (I know, the same sounds hokey, but I'm guessing they opted to keep it close to the other iP--- lines, like iPhone, iPod.. etc)
I'm pretty certain we will be 1st gen adopters, to get in on the development action. It will also be perfect for travel and workshops. (So I won't have to lug around the laptop.. unless I plan to do art demonstrations with photoshop...)

I also look forward to seeing what sorts of accessories they make for this thing. I like my current switcheasy iphone case and it'd be awesome to have something similar for the upcoming iPad.

Woo. It's going to be an expensive year.

Oh. And darn you PoupeeGirl for adding in those Black Lolita items RIGHT BEFORE V-DAY. GRRR. I was good throughout the whole Amusement Park thing, but had to get a couple of the ribbon dresses right off the bat.

I feel especially sad with my limited wardrobe. Not many bags or trinkets to accessorize with at the moment, so things still feel kinda... bare. The goods gotten via uploads have been relatively *weak* too, but at least my closet is starting to fill out with a variety of colors and pieces.
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