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Nice n' Good

Monday's Comic: Nice n' Good

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Long weekend? Thankfully, it's one day longer for us.

What have we done thus far?

1) Friday: Fanime Housing Freakout
Find out that the housing has opened after months of checking their twitter feed and front page... and find out that it was announced on their forums... and no where else. (Until today.) Too late to get a room for all days at one adjacent hotel -- forced to get 2 hotel rooms and switch on Friday morning. Again. GUH. (And still have to find a room for the day we arrive and 2 days AFTER the con closes... Double GUH.)

2) Friday : Utada "In the Flesh" 2010 Concert @ Pipeline

(Links to Scott's photo feed, which is by far better than my photo feed.)

3) Saturday: Uncle's funeral and scattering of the ashes

My uncle, who passed away months previously, finally gets his send off at Sand Island Beach Park -- his favorite haunting grounds.
For someone who couldn't swim, his ashes got the surfer's send off... AND bagpipes. And Granny Goose. (Local folks might get that one.) He also had the biggest picnic feast I had ever seen.... and the hugest swarm of bamboocha-sized flies. o_o

4) Sunday : Family's New Year's Dining Date
Since my dad retired on New Year's Eve and didn't want to rush him back into town for dinner, we decided to re-schedule our family dinner for a later date... and decided to put in lunch reservations at Alan Wong's Pineapple Room at Macy's Ala Moana. I also surprised my parents and Scott with their complimentary birthday cakes - since their birthdays are all coming up within the next 2 weeks and my parents are headed off to Vegas before then.
But, for some reason, we had the crappiest wait staff today. The girl bussing our table had this really sour attitude. Not rude, but just like she was having a crappy day and letting it affect her job and demeanor. The waiter was almost non-existent. He took our order late... our food came late... and he forgot my mom's dessert that came with her meal... and took forever to get us our check... and I was was watching for him the entire time we were seated. He just wasn't around. Then he looked disdainfully at our tip when he went to process it. (Diners are told to put add their tip into the bill when they are given the check when paying with a credit card, as the server processes the full amount right then and there.)
It was a rather off-putting experience... but at least the food was good. But I think I drank too much iced tea. o_o; Started feeling woozy after the second glass.

So, Monday is really my gotta-work-my-butt-off-to-get-back-to-schedule day. *sigh* But that's a good thing.
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