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Let it Snow~

Man, what a weekend. Got sick on X-mas day (post-nasal drip ---> super sore/swollen throat) and slept for most of the weekend. Drank tons of water, Advil, and Allegra. Feel much more human today, although throat is still kinda sore and PND is still on-going. Thankfully, powers that be -- I have an appointment with a specialist ENT doctor tomorrow morning. I'm going in for something completely different, but if he can tell me what's going on with my constant allergy attacks/PND, I'll be all ears~

So, I'll be playing around with the comic layout this week, in the spirit of the holiday season. I told Scott to come up with the layout for Wednesday's strip, while I work on the New Year's strip. We'll see how this turns out.

Monday's Comic: Let It Snow!

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic~
Tags: comic, life, nemu*nemu

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