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My X-mas Eve~
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Had a hard time sleeping last night -- I think I drank too much iced tea. :\ Then woke up to massive itchiness all over. T____T...

I'm starting to wonder if I'm allergic to ika. T_T;;; Specifically ika surume... I love the stuff, although it makes everything smell like stinky fish. ^^;;

It's either that, or Corn Pops. Those are the only 2 new things introduced to my diet this past week. Say it ain't so~~

Spent most of the day cleaning and took a bunch of books and doll magazines to my grandparents' house for storage. It took most of the afternoon, but the floor near my work area is much cleaner. I will probably vacuum tomorrow as it's a little too late to do any more house cleaning for the night.


Today's Comic: All Wrapped Up

Click on the preview to see today's comic!

Merry Christmas everyone! :D

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*hug* I hope you'll get well soon and that something can be done for you with all the doctor visits you've been to. Much love for the main land.

Oh no! Hope the itching goes away soon.. :(

In any case, Mele Kalikimaka~~~!

Mele Kalikimaka! Hope your itch goes away soon!

Hope you will feel better soon :)
Merry Cjristmas!

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