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Christmas Week 2009 - Day 3
n2-Anpan OMP!!
This week is flying by~

Today's Comic: Somebody's Watching Me

Click the preview to see the rest of today's comic~

Busy busy busy~ I sometimes wonder if I could possibly get my act together and do this thing daily... or at least 5x a week. That would be awesome. ;;__;;

Went back to neurologist -- everything for the twitch seems to look okay, but found I have some weird mass behind my nasal cavity. Stuff stuck in BONE. Yes folks. I am a medical mystery sometimes.

So I am scheduled to visit an ENT specialist/surgeon who will give a better assessment of this and recommend what to do next (if I need to do anything at all). Doesn't seem to be causing any immediate problems and I wouldn't have discovered it if I hadn't had my eye twitch to begin with. o_o... Strange.

Maybe I should consider it some weird blessing. ^^;

Oh -- and I'm taking Scott to the spa for a massage tomorrow. :D He protests, but I think he needs it much more than me. As a consolation, I'm getting a much needed pedicure (I do it more for the massage than the nail painting, really) while I wait for him. :D