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Christmas Week 2009 - Day 2
n2-Anpan OMP!!
First off~ A Rare Tuesday Strip! :D

Today's Comic: F.A.Q. For Santa #2

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic!

So, we hit Don Quijote to pick up dinner. I grabbed some Japanese potato sticks (the ones that look like shoestring fries, but taste a bajillion times better for whatever reason), ika surume (extremely stinky, but I love chewing on the stuff), and mini mochi for grilling on New Years~ Dinner was actually the India Cafe truck that just relocated to the parking lot from Kailua (since they opened a restaurant in the area)... but I decided to grab some yakitori from the "Yakitori-to-Go" stand.

I'm kinda glad I did, because boy - the curry sucked.

We enjoyed the skewers though. ^^

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ahhh I still got to hit Don Quijote~ those potato sticks sound good (*_*)

I love Japanese potato sticks~~ they taste different from the US versions... :3

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