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LJ Coupons Galore
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Anyone on my friends list looking for a $10 LJ coupon to lessen the load on a yearly subscription? (Note: You need to be a Basic/Plus user to get the coupon~ Sorry~!)

I have 10 1 to give away... since I have a permanent account here. :D

Any takers? Just message me~

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Maybe me~ I haven't thought about renewing but I want to keep my icons so....

Oh doh~ You need to be a Basic/Plus user to get the coupon. Gomen~ TT

What kind of user am I?

It says you're a paid/permanent member already?

Ohh~ Have to not be paid... basically they want more people to pay ;-; Wahn....

Yes, please! My account expired but I can't afford to the full amount right now. T^T

Not sure if you have any left, but if you do, I would love one :)

If you've got one left, I sure could use one!

I think you may be a paid/permanent user -- I can't gift you the coupons -- but I think you should have 10 to give away yourself~ :D

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