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Bionic Eyes
n2-Anpan OMP!!
So, we've finally finished all our events for 2009 and can look forward to Christmas and the New Years~ :D

Things are still pretty busy though -- I have to finish the content for Volume 4 soon and work on the covers, interior art, and other misc stuff. *sigh* Not to mention new business cards. The winter shows nearly wiped us out. XD;

The winter sale is still in effect until December 20th, although we suggest all orders going to the mainland US be sent in by Friday so I have time to pack and ship them off.

We have officially sold out of our Panzilla shirts and close to being out of a number of other shirt sizes and styles. Please note, we will not be reprinting Toasty for the spring season... and we are down to the last few Unisex shirts.

We have also totally sold out of all our Chibi pups as of Saturday, so if you have pups from our first mass run, you are quite lucky -- they were a limited run!

Today's Comic: Bionic Eyes

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic~

Also, I should say I really love tea tree oil shampoos. Especially on days like Saturday... and today. :3

I should also note, I'm down to the last few commissions. I should be done tomorrow afternoon and will be shipping everything off on Thursday... if I haven't shipped them off already~

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Make sure to get enough rest!

I'm back in Hawaii, so if you guys are doing anything, let me know!

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