Nemu ish Nemu! (kyubikitsy) wrote,
Nemu ish Nemu!

Maybe this is a sign.

So - my account on poupeegirl has been frozen since November 11th for uploading Rohto-V eyedrops and a plush cellphone holder that looks like a stuffed animal.

I responded via the inquiry form to reinstate my account on the 11th, got a response on the 12th that I had 10 days to respond to their response and I sent an inquiry again to reinstate my account. That was 9 days ago.

4 days ago, I sent a second inquiry, directly responding to the 10 day e-mail they sent and received this:






... 4 days have passed since and my account is still locked.

Am I supposed to do something else? I can't quite read all the kanji and am too busy/lazy to bother translating it properly, much less form a formal request in Japanese *again* to reinstate my account.


And second, for some reason, my tinierme/SELFY account has been... deleted? I tried to sign in this morning and I get a "null" response. So I checked if my password/user ID had been changed... and the system says it doesn't exist... ?

... the hell?

So maybe this is a sign for me to stop wasting time on these sites and just get back to work. :P
Tags: wasting time

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