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Bad Hair Day
n2-Anpan OMP!!
I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Hair was a semi-mess and frizzy/crunchy and I had a night full of nausea. >_<;; I woke up at around 7:30 bleary eyed and feeling rather sick to my stomach. Thank you HBC. I hate you.

Things have since gotten somewhat better. Thankfully things are starting to cool down slightly so I don't have to run the AC in the mornings and just open the window instead (and save energy!). Held down a bowl of fibrous cereal and milk and sipping water. Hair is held back in 3 pigtails to keep it off my face while I work. Not the most stylish, but it'll work until my hair grows long enough.

Which makes me wonder if I can handle long hair again? The one thing nice about it is that I can pull it back when I need to -- but it's heavy and until it gets to a certain length, it flips out all over the place. Hrm...

Anyhoo, a quick catch up of things:

1) I've joined Tinierme.com It's kinda like a mix of PoupeeGirl and Gaia. Kinda cute, but it's got a lot of growing to do. If you'd like an invite (to get extra coins and stuff), let me know -- MSG me an e-mail or something~

2) I've been banned from PoupeeGirl due to uploading items that are "illegal". Eyedrops and Plushy cellphone cases I guess do NOT apply. >_> I'm currently waiting for them to reinstate my account. Until then, my poor avatar will stand around topless until who knows when.

3) First craft fair of the season is done and we're now prepping for the Thanksgiving weekend one at the Hawaii United Okinawa Association. Thankfully we are INDOORS this time around, but we still hope for good weather.
For more of our (confirmed) event info, see this post!

4) Last week, we hit our 500th strip at nemu*nemu! Yay!

And now we are on a new chapter:

- Scratch n' Sniff
... and today's strip~

Today's Strip: Constant or Not

Click on the preview to see the rest of the strip!

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Hehe I am growing my hair out and just joined TinierMe too. I think they need better games, fishing is so hard esp. if you have a laptop & no real mouse.

Tell me about it! I just started using my cintiq to do all the fishing parts XD;; It's still not easy because of the drag/lag of the water - especially with the faster fish.

They seriously need a better way of getting coins. It's taken me about a week to earn enough coins to purchase the outfit I'm currently wearing. X_X;! I guess they're really trying to push the invites to gain more users first.

It's so annoying, so far I've only caught any crabs...they aren't even fish!
Yeah earning coins is really tough. :/ One good way I found was to friend lots of people...you get 10 coins for every 10 friends you have and 5 for signing in to town. Also you get 5 coins every day for writing a journal entry.

BTW that's really lame about your Poupee, I really hate their policies...way too tough.

What is HBC? My Canadian-ness tells me Hudson's Bay Company (a big dept. store chain, and also a part of our country's history). But I'm sure you're referring to something else... ^^; (hopefully not too embarrassing?) Anyhow, hope you're feeling better!

As for hair being too heavy, I sort of have that problem too. Especially in the back. When I used to go to the hairdresser regularly (before I became poor) she used to thin it out in the back with a special razor comb thing. Also, she'd layer my hair so I could still have it semi-long.

Congrats on strip #500! That's quite the milestone!

XD Sorry for being cryptic~ HBC = "hormonal birth control". I've been on this particular one for about 3 months now and I have occasional nighttime nausea and migraines at certain times of the cycle. It drives me crazy... but I'm hoping that things will settle down this month -- or I will have to switch brands yet again. :\To date, I've gone thru about 5-6 different types since 2008. >_<;

The last time I had really long hair was probably my first year of college. I was too cheap and lazy to get it cut, so I just grew it out. It's been more or less shoulder-length (or shorter) ever since.

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