Nemu ish Nemu! (kyubikitsy) wrote,
Nemu ish Nemu!

Catching up LJ

Sometimes I wonder how many folks are still active on LJ? It used to be *the* hub for me to go to, but since FB and Twitter have grown over the past couple years, I've been noticing the steady drop of posts.

Just an observation~ ^^

Been super busy with a bunch of mini projects -- we're leaving for California in about a week, so I have a ton of work to do before we go. I wish I could even stay away longer, but budget and deadlines won't really allow it.

First off:

It's a contest~ feel free to enter~! Two prize packages! Chances are still pretty good, methinks!

And all the strips that have updated since I last posted:
Nemu Draws
Ahhh -- (you don't want to miss this one...)
Looks Good Enough to Eat
Eating Ramen ish Shpookers
Spaghetti with your Cheese

Friday's one will be up shortly~

Otherwise, just been battling a weird migraine all day. Seems like the nausea hit *first*, then the headache between/behind the eyes. *sigh*
Tags: comic, life, thoughts

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