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The Process is Slowing Me Down
n2-Anpan OMP!!
It's September and I'm trying to think of ways to speed up my comic process further. I've found a couple things:

1) I can't draw straight to the Cintiq.. unless I spend a lot of time on my underdrawing first. Proportions come out all wrong, line quality is total hash.

2) I'm faster on paper, but much more susceptible to mistakes. Glaring mistakes. (That and I've been drawing on printer paper, which isn't very... archival... I have some bristol board lying around...)

3) Scanning and cleaning inked linework is a pain with this cruddy scanner. It's great for drafts, but terrible scan quality for color and b/w. (Everything appears... "hazy".

So possible solutions:

1) Ink roughly, scan, and re-ink digitally in Photoshop.

2) Get a new scanner (ideally legal sized.. T_T;) and start inking manually again.

3) Find some new process/technique to speed things up.

I'll be trying various things over the next few strips to see what works. ^^; I can't be slow forever. TT;;

Also -

I can't begin to tell you how this arc is retelling my 5th grade year (including the summer before it.)

Wednesday's Comic: Last One Standing

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic!

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I know of a few people in webcomics and otherwise who swear by Manga Studio EX. Maybe give it a try? I think there's a free trial.

There's also Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

I had some trouble with Sketchbook Pro at larger sizes... but I have heard a number of recommendations for Manga Studio. I think the latest version for the mac came out... so I might give that a try too. ^^


Hey there!

I have a Cintiq too and I basically go straight to digital for everything now.

A couple of tips--

1) Calibrating the pentip on the Cintiq so the point of contact isn't obstructed by your hand helped me a lot.

2) Try rotating your cintiq into portrait orientation since you are used to working on xerox paper. I think your proportions may come out weird because you are being forced to compress the space, either that or it's your angle of view to the cintiq surface(in which case you can try angling the screen up or even standing over the screen hunched).

3) Are you sketching in Photoshop or Painter? Usually, I'll set up my page layout in PS and just really roughly lay in basic layout with any default PS brush, then I bring the file over to Painter and use the scratchboard tool for inking(which gives very clean lines and good control over line quality). If you're used to a clean line while sketching, you could also do the layout directly in Painter because its brushes can better simulate a real life pencil or ink/brush pen.

4) Someone else mentioned Manga Studio, which I did try out and find that the sketching tool is very cool. However, if you don't want to spend the time to figure out a new program(it has a lot of ins and outs I haven't had time to figure out yet), then sticking with a PS and Painter combo is a good way to go since you know how to use both already.

Hope that helps! :)

Thanks for the tips! I'll give it a try a little later this evening with the portrait orientation... or even drawing standing up is a good idea.

By chance, do you use a PC or a Mac? I've been having lag issues in Painter on my Mac -- not sure if it has improved with 11 or not. I like the line quality of Painter... when it works. I also just upgraded to a new iMac a couple months ago, so I should also give Painter a fair try again as well.

I'm on a PC, never had any lag issues there. :) Good luck!

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