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mAd Men

The PSP and DS Lite are currently on hold~ :D I'll probably be holding on to the funds from the sales to later upgrade to a DSi. I'm just waiting for a red or pink version to come out states-side~

After hearing all the rave reviews, I decided to grab the first season of Mad Men on iTunes. (I think it's cheaper on Amazon though?) I must say, I'm quite taken by the series. I like how each show's theme has multiple meanings and there are so many plot twists and turns. My modern sensibilities tend to make me gnaw my fist at some of the antics. I like the Peggy X Pete pairing, although I often want to punch them repeatedly in the face for the stupid things they say and do. (=_=);; Grah!

However, all that aside, I'm most impressed with how they sell their ad campaigns. The artistic concepts, the hooks, the style... so inspirational! Most of all I *love love love* the costumes. I almost wish we could go back to that era of fashion.


Wednesday's Comic: Team Up

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic~
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