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Back-dated~ XD;
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Oops -- seems I forgot to update things here~ XD;; Been... preoccupied!

Here's the strips missed:

* Thoughts Interrupted -- guest * comic by Julieyumi
* Something's Missing
* Optical Confusion
* Visual Distress

Today's Comic: Visions of Doom

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's strip!

- This particular chapter is chock-full of personal experiences... er.. as told by my characters. XD -

We also did a talk with students at MPI elementary, last week Wednesday about ideas and inspiration, which was a ton of fun. I always forget how rambunctious little boys can be~~ I have to ramp things up in my comic. XD

I'm also planning to sell a 1st (?) generation PSP along with a few PSP games and white Nintendo DS Lite. I'm pretty sure everything is included with each - except the PSP's memory stick. (Not sure where it is?)

If interested, message me. If not, I'll be putting it up on Craigslist later this week. ^^

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Ah, the guest strip has another human!Anpan and Nemu! XDD Hope you get a chance to rest--and hopefully I'll see you at APE! I'll be at the BAAU table!

How much are you asking for the DS? I've never owned one and it's something I was thinking of buying.

I'm looking for about $70. There are a couple dead pixels (that show up as green) on the touch screen... they've been there since I purchased it. TT;

Comes with the AC adapter, stylus and extra stylus/adapter that plugs into the stylus slot that purchased extra. The screens are protected with film.

Let me know if you're interested~ ^^

Could I see some pictures of it? You can send them via-facebook PM... I'm really interested. You seem like you would take good care of your things...right? xD Also is the DS Japanese or American?

More than likely I would like to buy it. You said "about" $70, do you have a final amount?

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