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Dole WHIP!
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Had a really nice dinner gathering with BluBlood & chiizupan at Tango~ Food was great and the company was even better~ ^_^ I think I did myself in with the creme brulee at the end though -- really good, but super sugar overload. ^^;!

So, previously I had made a post about our trip around the island? I had intended to post more photos with the pups taken at the Dole Pineapple Plantation in Wahiawa, but somehow managed to mess up the memory card and had to wait for Scott to check it out when he got home. Thankfully, he downloaded them to his computer and transferred over the files to mine:

Pups @ Dole Plantation Pups @ Dole Plantation Pups @ Dole Plantation Pups @ Dole Plantation

There's a few more at the flickr stream.

And also, my guest strip for fellow webcomicker Tony Piro just went live last night~ He just introduced a new addition to his family and from what I hear from other new parents, he could use all the help he could get~ :D

Now back to work for me~! I have a new chapter to draft! ToT!

Today's comic: Mission - Accomplished

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic~

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MAN Dole Pineapple Whip is good! They sell it at Disneyland/World, but now I know if I find myself in Honolulu, I gots to get me to the Dole Plantation! (I was there when I was 5, but all I remember is drinking pineapple juice that made my mouth hurt 'cause I had a canker sore.)

Dole Whip is sooo refreshing~ best eaten in a cup, not a cone. :D

I think there are places that sell it in Waikiki (as it is a little pricy at the Plantation - I think about $4 for a cup like the ones you see in the photos), but they have special sundae and parfait versions with fresh pineapple and the like.

I wish we had a better photo of the menu - they even had chili dogs with pineapple chunks!

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