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On my nemu blog last night, I spent some time blathering about how I find myself thinking way too hard to be creative and ultimately get stuck.

If I'm mindlessly sketching or writing notes, it comes more or less effortlessly. But if I set myself down with a task in mind, everything gets gummied up and nothing worthwhile comes out. I spend more time thinking and far less time working.

Since I'm slowly building a buffer for my October trip, I allow myself some time after completing my daily strip to do some sketching. Most times, I'm free-hand copying other styles, drawing from photo references, or just plain doodling. During one of those sessions, I drafted out a really rough sketch of a possible illustration and got started on crafting the full layout.

Then I got stuck. What looked great as a rough sketch really wasn't working. So I broke it into parts. The first part came out fine, which turned into the Riders wallpaper I just released a few days ago.

Part 2 is not coming out at all. The drawing looks fine on its own, but definitely doesn't have the feel I was looking for. So I'll scrap it for now and come back to it later, probably repurpose it for something else.

Bah. I hate feeling like I wasted a day/my time on something that's just not working, especially when I have a bunch of other things I could have been working on. =_=;

Today's Comic: Last Laugh

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