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So, in short, I think I am going to commit to SDCC '10. Not quite sure just where I'd like to grab my space yet. I'm asking the advice of others at the moment -- so when the moment arrives, I will pounce on a space.

I hope I know what I'm getting myself into.

So 2010 plan include: Kawaii Kon, TCAF, Fanime, SDCC... for now. AX is a huge question-mark.

In other news, since my event season is over (until further notice - I'm waiting for confirmations on winter craft shows) I spent half the weekend cleaning the living room/shipping area. I wish I took photos of the mess it was before. In short, it was a terrible mess. Boxes, bins, junk everywhere. I couldn't reach anything without having to move something else. Couldn't even reach the front door... and I have a shipment of pups and hats to arrive sometime this week. Space was an essential necessity and it was high time we cleaned things up.

So now, it's mostly cleared -- I bunked the shelving unit up to the ceiling and moved out a lot of miscellaneous stuff. We now have space on the floor to actually resume exercise routines and eat dinner comfortably. Yay~ Just wish my body didn't hurt so badly. -_-;;

Today's strip: Out and About

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