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n2-Anpan OMP!!
So, in short, I think I am going to commit to SDCC '10. Not quite sure just where I'd like to grab my space yet. I'm asking the advice of others at the moment -- so when the moment arrives, I will pounce on a space.

I hope I know what I'm getting myself into.

So 2010 plan include: Kawaii Kon, TCAF, Fanime, SDCC... for now. AX is a huge question-mark.

In other news, since my event season is over (until further notice - I'm waiting for confirmations on winter craft shows) I spent half the weekend cleaning the living room/shipping area. I wish I took photos of the mess it was before. In short, it was a terrible mess. Boxes, bins, junk everywhere. I couldn't reach anything without having to move something else. Couldn't even reach the front door... and I have a shipment of pups and hats to arrive sometime this week. Space was an essential necessity and it was high time we cleaned things up.

So now, it's mostly cleared -- I bunked the shelving unit up to the ceiling and moved out a lot of miscellaneous stuff. We now have space on the floor to actually resume exercise routines and eat dinner comfortably. Yay~ Just wish my body didn't hurt so badly. -_-;;

Today's strip: Out and About

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic~

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You did come last year tho right? You just grab HOTEL ASAP and floor space ASAP

Actually, the last time we were at SDCC it was 2007. XD;

I wonder if I should call the hotels already for reservations? I'd prefer to stay in the Marriott.. I don't mind the cost if it'll save us a lot of stress. =_='' I also put my inquiry in for the 2010 exhibitor packet. Just waiting to hear back from the organizers... they're out until the 31st.

hrm, we always wait for the super stress period lol. I actually got lucky this year and didn't need to pull the connections.

Awesome- you should definitely do comic con! How exciting!

Yay! We'll be back next year, too.

Do you usually get a table, booth or try for the Small Press Pavilion? I have a feeling we're just going to opt for a booth, but I'm not quite sure what the differences are?

(Deleted comment)
Probably a good idea considering how the passes sold out early on for this year's event. o_O;;;

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