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n2-Anpan OMP!!
Just a quick heads up for local MangaBento-peeps from today and days past:

There is an emergency gathering at Borders Ward from 1-4pm tomorrow (SUNDAY, July 19th) for Ryan L.'s (Buuzen) memorial service. I think they'd like to gather as many folks who know/ remember/ are friends of Ryan to be a part of a video montage? From what I understand, the footage will be taken next week SUNDAY at the usual MangaBento mtg place.

Also, passing on more info about his wake and service:

If you would like to attend Ryan's funeral here are the dates:
Wake service Thursday August 13,2009 5:30pm @ Mililani cemetary Mauka Chapel followed by refreshments.
Mass & burial Friday August 14,2009 @ 8:00am St. Joseph Church Waipahu. After mass 11am @ burial site Mililani cemetary. Lunch will be served at Mauka dining hall.

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I didn't remember who "Ryan" was until you mentioned his DA name. I only met him once IRL, but it was him who alerted me to MangaBento in the first place online. Oh no...

I don't think I can make it to the funerals. I will be back in CA at this time. However, I will make it to the emergency meetings.

Fuuuuck, Buuzen...I just saw him last meeting or so. Fuck. I wish I went to go drink with him that one time I met him with everyone down at his house. Fuuuuuuuck.

Indeed, it was~ T_T; It was a shock to us as well. Granted I only see him online and yearly at Kawaii Kon, it's still hard to believe.

Not sure exactly will happen at the meetings - I think they're brainstorming some ways to help the family out and contribute to the memorial service with a video. I think any one who shows up would be welcomed~ ^^

Edit: Meeting is scheduled for Sunday~ Borders Ward Cafe~ Sorry about that~

Thank you so much for the information!
unfortunately I work tomorrow... but I'll definitely try to make it to the service. It's an open service then?

Thanks for posting the info about the services.

Though we're meeting on Sunday from 1-4, unfortunately not during your book signing, good luck on that by the way!

That's what I thought - it seemed weird that you'd be gathering on a Saturday, but that was the date I was given? I'll amend my notices~ ^^

Thanks~ ^^

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