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Just a quick heads up for local MangaBento-peeps from today and days past:

There is an emergency gathering at Borders Ward from 1-4pm tomorrow (SUNDAY, July 19th) for Ryan L.'s (Buuzen) memorial service. I think they'd like to gather as many folks who know/ remember/ are friends of Ryan to be a part of a video montage? From what I understand, the footage will be taken next week SUNDAY at the usual MangaBento mtg place.

Also, passing on more info about his wake and service:

If you would like to attend Ryan's funeral here are the dates:
Wake service Thursday August 13,2009 5:30pm @ Mililani cemetary Mauka Chapel followed by refreshments.
Mass & burial Friday August 14,2009 @ 8:00am St. Joseph Church Waipahu. After mass 11am @ burial site Mililani cemetary. Lunch will be served at Mauka dining hall.

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