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Balancing the Book

Holy Space Cow.

Considering our accountant is having some troubles balancing our financials this year, I've sort of made it a point to be as thorough as I can -- for someone who's not terribly business-minded.

I suppose you can say that 2008 was the first time I paid much attention to the book-keeping side of the business.. and boy do I have a lot to learn. =_=;;

So, to start off on a clean slate, I didn't record anything this year. I just dumped paperwork into accordion folders according to the month and waited for the accountant to help set up our Quickbooks account -- so I'd do it the right way from the get-go. But, considering the GE taxes are due this month and her hands are full with our paperwork from last year... I'm forced to start *now*... and I'm sort of making things up as I go. ^^;

One whole day was spent documenting and cross-referencing receipts, statements and other expenses from January to April. I separated/organized the paperwork for May-June to work on tomorrow morning, then to start recording all of our income/sales. Then, to scour through my overly-swollen inbox to search for anything I may have missed.

This... just makes my brain hurt. Ugh~

Today's Comic: Let's Go Fishin'

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic~

Oh! And we also have a bag for auction~
Pankaida Bag Auction
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