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Missing AX
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Well, I can live vicariously through others. I listened in to the MM Q&A the other day via someone sneakily streaming via his computer... but I could barely hear anything - except lots of rabid fanboy/fangirl screaming.

It was... interesting. I'm hoping they'll release a DVD of the event/concert later. *ponder*

It's so weird - it feels like Saturday on a Friday. Most likely due to the Kamehameha Day holiday~ It's also so hot today. Sun's out on full-blast and there's not many clouds in the sky.

Today's Comic: Rare Birds

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic!

Had lot of fun "painting" birds~ XD

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Lol, for me today feels like a Tuesday because we had the Canada Day holiday on Wednesday.

Those birds paintings are really beautiful, what a nice treat for a Friday (or should I say, "tweet"). And I've been super happy to see the return of Mr. Buns over the past few strips too. :3

BTW, I sent your parcel from Boston on Monday. Please let me know when you receive it!

Ohh wow that must have been insane painting all those in such a short time span. They look really awesome too!

And LAWL at the toy. Brings back memories. <3

Sankies! I actually find "sketchy painting" stuff from reference to be fun - to an extent. XD Since I don't get to do it too often. ^^ It sort of reminds me of working with colored pencils~

You should consider coming to AX one of these days....

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