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Leading up to the weekend
n2-Anpan OMP!!
I see so many folks on my friend's list getting ready for AX! I hope everyone has a great time! I expect to see lots of photos! XD

This weekend'll probably be busy with me finishing up a bunch of strips to close off this chapter. I'm still behind schedule and have a lot of other things I should be starting soon. *kicks brain into gear*

Did I ever say just how much I really like Mandy Moore's new album, "Amanda Leigh"? It's definitely not pop and may not have any strong radio-ready singles -- but as a complete album, it works incredibly well. I highly recommend a listen-in. It's by far my favorite album this year... and I doubt there'll be anything that comes close.

As a side note, we purchased it on iTunes when it debuted after reading some good reviews (and her live performance on the Tonight Show with Leno before he handed the keys off to O'Brien)... and have been looking for the Target release with 2 bonus tracks...which we haven't been able to find. I saw it once, then all copies have since disappeared from their shelves. o_O...

And as a second note... you might want watch the Walmart Soundcheck performances -- and perhaps not the official music video for "Break Your Heart..." Not sure what's going on with the music video -- but it really doesn't do the song any justice, IMHO.

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hehehe "amanda leigh"

too bad i have the mind of a 12 year old boy.

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