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n2-Anpan OMP!!
So I just found out why Photoshop was running so sluggish on my computer.

It's all due to my scanners.

One letter-sized flat bed scanner is about 10 years old (if not older). The newer one is a A3-sized flat bed scanner that's about 4 years old... but not very compatible with my Mac.

Put the two together with fault drivers, I have a console window full of errors and PS running in Rosetta mode -- which equals an incredibly laggy Photoshop.

Here I was thinking it was my old-ish workhorse computer, when it's been the fault of my aux. equipment all this time.

So now I am looking for a replacement scanner - hopefully legal-sized flatbed minimum... and good for scanning both color and lineart.

But at least I can worth without as much drag~!

In other news - I am SO looking forward to the new H!P cover CD. Seriously folks - Kome Kome Club, Seiko Matsuda, Yumi Matsutoya, Eri Hiramatsu, Momoe Yamaguchi, KAN, DREAMS COME TRUE, and Princess Princess. It's like a 80's-early 90's music revival!

And here I thought C-ute covering Candies was awesome~ :D

Today's Comic: Looking Up

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Never would have guessed it to be the scanner. :O Glad you found the source, I knew it couldn't be your ram. Grats, also, ranger pan!? So cute that I'm tearing up here. *wipes nose on sleeve*

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