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Nemu ish Nemu!

Busy Weekend

So, it hath been a busy weekend.

I seem to be working slower than usual.. Not sure if it's because PS CS4 refuses to let me draw a quick curved line or I myself am just "out of practice". I'm undergoing an upgrade sometime next week (it's in the process of being built... shipping was delayed) and will see if that makes any difference.

Speaking of which, I better find all my brushes and color swatches and save them in a remote place so I don't have to recreate my palettes.. (although, I think sometimes I should for clarity's sake.)

Saturday morning, we hit the Friends of the Library Book Sale (see my n*n blog post for that w/ photos of my haul). Walked away with some real finds~ I'm pretty sure we will be back a little later this week. :D

Post-sale run, we did our usual grocery shopping and errand runs to post office and the like. The rest of the day was spent ripping my new CDs to iTunes and promptly storing them to my old jukebox iPod and working on filling up my buffer (so I can actually afford to go on vacation in October...)

Sunday was also busy. Woke up around 8am and scoured the papers for coupons and interesting news. Worked on some strips and head to lunch with the family at the usual - Gyotaku. Spent some time chatting with the in-laws while Scott attempted to play with his moody dog and finish up his laundry. Back at home, we continued to work until dinnertime -- Cheesecake Factory!

We went at 4:30 and it was PACKED. (Usually, it's relatively slow until 5:30...) I opted for Evelyn's Pasta and Scott got the Tostada Salad and brainstormed upcoming chapters and projects. We walked around Waikiki for about an hour, picked up a connector for my incoming computer from the Apple Store, checked out a few shops, found I had a HUGE splatter of bird poop on my jeans pants and scrambled to find paper towels and water to clean it off. (Not quite sure how it got there in the first place. o_O;)

Ended the night with a cup of Red Mango fro-yo and watching tourists learn how to dance hula. XD

Not too bad for Papa's Day weekend.

Today's comic: Stay Optimistic

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