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Plan B
n2-Anpan OMP!!
I'm pretty sure at this point that all my re-occurring rashes are stress related.

I had a talk with the Read-To-Me Foundation at the Hawaii Convention Center this afternoon and was in pre-panic mode all morning, trying to get my thoughts in order and jot them down in my notebook. I started to itch from head to toe. X_X; Hydroccortizone is my friend.

Talk went well, all things considering. I had a difficult time justifying "manga" as a viable reading source for young children -- as the target audience is technically older teens and adults. On top of that, I didn't have any visuals available as I wasn't notified of the talk outline nor confirmed a projector. It was a small group of maybe 20-25 people and they generated their own discussions based on personal experience. I could only re-iterate that they need to be aware of what they recommend to their kids by reading it first - just to screen for inappropriate content and the like.

But, it was a good time to advocate graphic novels that are currently out on the market and doing well. :D

After that, Scott picked me up and we head straight to the Counter for burgers and a malt shake. (Their shakes are GREAT, BTW.) Then, we head home and I crashed for a few hours and resumed work on my strip buffer. Itch is still around, but starting to subside. Probably will need to take an Allegra to quell it further.

Now to think about the Father's Day weekend. O_O;

For local peeps - MangaBento will be hosting a small activity table at the Honolulu Academy of Arts this Sunday from 11-5. It's a free event, open to the public, so at least take advantage of checking out the museum! From what I understand, they will be hosting a few "Iron Artist" Challenge-type games as well with cool prizes to boot! :D

Today's Comic: Plan B

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Agh, stress sucks. I hope that you take care of yourself! D:

I ran down to the Borders at Ward Center today after I got off of work at 3, but I got there are like 3: 48 and missed you guys. D:

Will you be down at the Honolulu Academy of the Arts on Sunday? I'm going to be workin' the tables there with the MB guys.

Actually.... our signing is next month. T_T! I knew I shouldn't have posted that info so early!! SO SORRY!!! I had a feeling something like this may have happened.. X___X;;

I don't think we'll be able to make it to the HAA event - it's going to be a busy day for us (two families to celebrate father's day with... and errands to run. ^^;). Devin contacted me mid-week to see if we could help out, but it's just a bad time.

As for advocating manga for kids, it kind of falls into the same deal as anime for kids. I think people in Western circles really get hung up on categorizing anime and manga as a genre in itself, instead of a broad range of another culture's media. Both manga and anime can range from stuff for little kids (eg. CardCaptor Sakura) to stuff for teens and older people (eg. Death Note). Unfortunately, compared to the teen/adult manga, not a lot of the kid-friendly manga is translated and widely available in the big bookstores.

I try to explain that anime/manga are aimed towards all different kinds of audiences, kind of like the film industry. There are lots of movies made in Hollywood (and elsewhere) every year. Some are action movies, some romance, some are for adult audiences (eg. "R" rated films that have lots of violence, sex, etc.) And some movies are kid-friendly or made specifically for kids.

Eep, hope you feel better soon! If it is all over, have you considered trying some antihistamines to try to calm things down? Using hydrocortisone is good for the short run, but it's not good to use it too much because it is a steroid and will weaken your skin (making it thin, more sensitive to sun, etc.) Though I do admit that it's the only thing that works sometimes...

PS. Got your package this morning. Thanks so much! I will send yours off next week when we visit Boston. :D

Scott and I are all about advocating comics and reading, but there are so many things that people just have to dispel first. Like - all comics and cartoons are for kids. They're absolutely not - and when people discover this, they do so the hard way and tend to write off the entire genre as "inappropriate" or what have you.. which is unfortunate because there's so many wonderful titles out there.

Now naming manga titles appropriate for children from K-6... that's tough. I couldn't think of a title that didn't have some form of violence (physical or verbal), nudity (even in silhouette), or sexuality portrayed by some character. (I wasn't notified that the target age group for this talk would be 3-6th graders until a week before my actual talk. X_X;... If I had known earlier, I probably would have declined.)

Ah well, twas a learning experience. ^^

Thanks for the tips on the steroid creams. I don't use them too often - just this past week had me break out in rashes. Might be partially due to the weather (heat + humidity) and stress. I'll probably resume the anti-histamines today (I have 24-hour tablets - I just didn't want to take them during a talk since sometimes it makes me a little loopy/drowsy.)

Glad to head you got the package! :D I think the shipping from Boston should be pretty equal to what the shipping to Canada was, so let's just call it even? :D

Heehee! Anpan and Nemu are so cute! Though for some reason, I was expecting Pollo to be bigger, about the same size as the pups' heads. Heh.

Sure, it's fine to call it even on the parcels. I'm not sure what kind of return address will be on mine, just warning you. :)

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