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Thoughts on Time Management Games
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Busy day tomorrow~

I have a talk at the convention center in the afternoon. Considering I didn't really have much of a head's up on the specifics aside from the topic, I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be~ Additionally, it'll be a solo show as Scott still has work -- and work is crazy busy for him right now.

I mentioned this in passing on twitter - but I've come to find that time management games like "Sally's Spa" or "Lemonade Tycoon" or "Diner Dash" really stress me out. I feel rather irate when I can't get a perfect score on some of the levels. I strive for perfection and constantly FAIL.

What this says about me -- I don't really want to know. >__>;

Oh - I also went to the dermatologist to check on this reoccurring rash that appears on my hands, ears, neck, and back/shoulder blades. I was also curious about a growing bump near where he previously removed cyst.

I walk out the the office with nothing new for said rash, but another cut on my face where he removed the THIRD cyst AND burned and scraped off an "age spot" that was growing quite large near my right eye. Despite having the areas numbed, it still stung quite a bit. Now I have 2 band-aids on my face. Just in time for my talk tomorrow. XD;

This reminds me of the night I fell off my bunk-bed, face first, onto the carpet and suffered a large scrape above my lip. This was the night before 1st grade picture taking. >_>;;;


Today's Comic: First Rule

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I think Diner Dash, etc. is the kind of game that would make anyone anxious. I had a friend who had been a waitress and caterer for years who discovered Diner Dash one day. She played it compulsively for about 2 days. Suddenly she was so stressed out that she couldn't sleep at night and when she finally did she started having nightmares about work.

As for me, I tried the cake bakery version (whatever it's called) for a couple days once on the DS. I got pretty anxious too, kind of jumpy and with a bit of nervous sweat. (Though no nightmares, thank goodness!) I think I will stick to my non-timed games mostly. I'm slowly getting through Apollo Justice, as I only play it for about 15 minutes a couple times a week. I'm deliberately taking my time since I know they won't release another game for a while... :(

As for pictures... the day before her kindergarten picture, my mom went over to a friend's house to play. When she got there, her friend's mother was cutting her hair and asked if she wanted her hair cut too (sure, a 4-year-old would know what's good for her. T__T;) Anyhow, my grandma kind of freaked out but what can you do? She had these insanely short bangs, but the rest was mid-length, straight hair. We have the picture on the wall here at the house. She still looks pretty cute but it was kind of a weird haircut for the time, heheh. Kind of reminds me of the way some supermodels/goths have it these days.

I really prefer games where I can just take my time and chose a path of actions like standard menu-based RPGs and some puzzle games. I think I enter "panic mode" far too easily. I can tell - as my legs and feet tighten up and my hands grip the console/controller a little too tightly. ^^;

I was trying a bunch of the games out via the iTunes App store for free. All I could think was - if this is the first 5 stages, there's NO WAY I would make it to the end. ^^;

Although, I have to admit, I have a hard time with the Phoenix Wright games as well - I think I think too hard or just plain think differently. Some cases I just can't figure out what to do next or what piece of evidence to show and why. ^^; I always have to pull out the FAQs since I hate losing the game more than cheating. ^^;;;;

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