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In Need of a Vacation.
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Busily reworking a bunch of strips to improve flow from idea to idea. This always seems to happen mid-way through my process. ^^;;

Anyhoo - Scott and I are looking for vacation options later this year. Hawaiian Air has some deals - even contemplating Seattle, Portland, or even Vegas. Any suggestions for any of those locations? I've only been to Portland with my family twice, but am not familiar with the area at ALL. Went to Vegas about 4-5 years back... but haven't done much other than hit the outlet malls, walk the strip, and gamble like a miser? XD

If not, we're most likely headed to the SoCal area - since we haven't been there in about 2 years.. (at least.)


(Ideally, I'd like to visit some place different - but we can't afford Japan, Canada, or anywhere past the west coast at this time. ^^;)

Monday's comic: Ranger Pan

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic!

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If you'll be heading to Seattle and will be renting a car, you might also want to cross the border and check out Vancouver (it's about 2-3 hours north). It is a really beautiful city as I hear, I keep meaning to vacation there myself in the near future (I've only passed through the airport on the way to/from Japan). You could even check out the preparations for 2010 Winter Olympics.

Well, you know what my suggestion would be ;P. Seriously, if you haven't gotten away from the strip in Vegas, you haven't seen anything. If you spend a little time looking you can find some amazing things within a day trip of the strip including an old mine where they shot scenes from Waterworld (and they give a pretty neat tour, too), an old-west style town where the town council has a shootout and the wild burros wander the town and even London Bridge. If you come this way I can see about getting a day or two off and taking you around to see some neat stuff!

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