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Pankaida vs. Henshin Rider crew
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Another project in-progress - but mostly finished... for now.


Project in Progress Project in Progress Project in Progress Project in Progress Project in Progress

Scritched in with blue pencil, cleaned up with lead pencils, inked with Sakura MicroPerm multiliners, and colored with Copic Markers~ :D

Also went to see Terminator Salvation to avoid the evening heat and scarf down popcorn sprinked with Snow Caps. :9 Apparently, I left to visit the restroom right at the pivotal point of the movie. >_>... Oh well - I thought Sam Worthington did a great job... I felt he totally outshone Christian Bale. SRSLY.

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Oh nice! I love the colors. What is this for exactly?

Mmmm snow caps is my favorite movie snack food of all time! I usually finish the box before the trailers end...

Ahhhh Henshin Rider! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished results!

Agh, the one with Jiro playing the guitar with the border collie is adorable. *writhes*

Is that a "02" version of Henshin Rider that I see there? O: I like the side-universe that you guys have built up in Nemu-Nemu around these guys. It really appeals to my tokusatsudork fan side. XD

ahhh thosen are so cuute~v v v v the copic markers work so well on canvas! O_O
Nemesis looks adorable thar~

I love how the copics on canvas look! The color is so saturated and awesome~

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