Nemu ish Nemu! (kyubikitsy) wrote,
Nemu ish Nemu!

Roll Call

It's Friday - and it feels like a Monday after yesterday's Kamehameha Day holiday. Mid-week holidays are strange.

Aside from a few personal side projects (albeit nemu*nemu related), I've pretty much been brainstorming this past week about upcoming chapters. It's always difficult for me to plan far in advance because I have this horrible knack of changing plans mid-way through. Sometimes it's because I can't figure out how to plot the comics, sometimes it's because I think the direction it's going is too weak.

I must admit that I'm constantly challenged by this comic.

In other news:

I've been feeling super lethargic lately. Not sure what's causing it - be it the summery heat that's sapping out my energy or my HBC. I end up sleeping earlier and earlier in the evenings. I really should back on the treadmill and Wii Fit routine soon.

But at least I can get back to updating here a little more regularly. ^^;

Today's Strip: Roll Call

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic~
Tags: comic, life, nemu*nemu

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