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Back in Business
n2-Anpan OMP!!
So now that our convention season is pretty much over (almost as soon as it began!), I can look forward to a few months of relative "quiet".

(Not that events aren't planned - more on that a little later this week. o_o;)

In short, Fanime was great~!

We were in more or less the same space we were last year, with new neighbors. Lots of familiar faces stopped by this time, which was really nice. ^_^ Hopefully, we made a few new fans during our time there~ as we will be back next year!

A super big thanks to the Monkey Ame girls (Trimmy, Hikaru, Masako) for spending some time with us, Alan & Kenji for SHABUWAY and incredible gelato, and PMBQ for taking us out to lunch post-con~ There just wasn't enough meals in the day or time in general to spend with everyone... I hope to remedy this somehow. o_o!

Meanwhile, back at the studio, Scott and I are literally melting from the heat. Things have gotten somewhat better over the past couple days, but we literally returned to a thick blanket of humidity. We even replaced the A/C unit in our living room in hopes of escaping the up-and-coming summer heat.

So not looking forward to it. T__T;;

Now that we're mostly settled back in and have our schedules and workloads under control, I can finally breathe some sort of sigh of relief (and catch up on some much needed sleep!)

Things'll start picking up again soon, so I gotta enjoy it while I can! :D

Here's a little animated clip that Neil, a.k.a. TempleDog of TAIS did for us in conjunction with the ChickenJam animation contest they were hosting~ :D SO CUTE!

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He he, that animation is adorable! <3

thank you for meeting with us! :D we always look forward to seeing you guys!

(Deleted comment)
I'm still looking into it~ I'd love to hit AX... TwT;

This animation is AWSOME! I wish I could get something like that with Annie that I could use in future AitL shows.

OMP! That was adorable! I love Anpan and Nemu's "hwaaa?" voices.

Thank you for having us. *w* It was really nice being able to chat and hang with you guys~

AWWWWW!!!! That clip WAS cute!
I'm glad you guys had such a great time at the cons!

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