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Back in Business
n2-Anpan OMP!!
So now that our convention season is pretty much over (almost as soon as it began!), I can look forward to a few months of relative "quiet".

(Not that events aren't planned - more on that a little later this week. o_o;)

In short, Fanime was great~!

We were in more or less the same space we were last year, with new neighbors. Lots of familiar faces stopped by this time, which was really nice. ^_^ Hopefully, we made a few new fans during our time there~ as we will be back next year!

A super big thanks to the Monkey Ame girls (Trimmy, Hikaru, Masako) for spending some time with us, Alan & Kenji for SHABUWAY and incredible gelato, and PMBQ for taking us out to lunch post-con~ There just wasn't enough meals in the day or time in general to spend with everyone... I hope to remedy this somehow. o_o!

Meanwhile, back at the studio, Scott and I are literally melting from the heat. Things have gotten somewhat better over the past couple days, but we literally returned to a thick blanket of humidity. We even replaced the A/C unit in our living room in hopes of escaping the up-and-coming summer heat.

So not looking forward to it. T__T;;

Now that we're mostly settled back in and have our schedules and workloads under control, I can finally breathe some sort of sigh of relief (and catch up on some much needed sleep!)

Things'll start picking up again soon, so I gotta enjoy it while I can! :D

Here's a little animated clip that Neil, a.k.a. TempleDog of TAIS did for us in conjunction with the ChickenJam animation contest they were hosting~ :D SO CUTE!

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He he, that animation is adorable! <3

thank you for meeting with us! :D we always look forward to seeing you guys!

I miss youuuu. it's too short to hang out at a con but if you can come out for AX, that would be great!

Oh god that animated short is so cute XD i'd love to see an animated show of Nemu one day!

I'm still looking into it~ I'd love to hit AX... TwT;

This animation is AWSOME! I wish I could get something like that with Annie that I could use in future AitL shows.

OMP! That was adorable! I love Anpan and Nemu's "hwaaa?" voices.

Thank you for having us. *w* It was really nice being able to chat and hang with you guys~

AWWWWW!!!! That clip WAS cute!
I'm glad you guys had such a great time at the cons!

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