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Up-and-Coming: Fanime '09

Boy - I am glad that this month is winding down to a close so quickly. It's been a really really rough past 5 months 2 months. *sigh*

I am SO HAPPY to say that our 3rd generation pre-order pups have finally arrived (or at least the first shipment), so all orders have been fulfilled and mailed out as of Thursday.

Pups Arrival - 2009.05.12

Again, I apologize about the long wait. The delay was just.. "unavoidable", for lack of a better word.

Next up, we have Fanime Con '09 coming up next week. We've shipped up most of our merchandise - so orders may be held until we return later this month, depending on what you order. (Pups and books are in supply, some shirt sizes/designs may be out at the moment, and pins orders will have to be held until we fly to California on Wednesday.)

Some good news tho~! We will have new items that we will debut at Fanime, so be sure to come by and see us in the Dealer's Room at Booth #601 (relatively same place we were last year, close to the exit)!


We will be having a NJAHS gallery meet-and-greet on Thursday, May 21 from 7-9pm.

This is in conjunction with the "Many Faces of Manga" exhibit currently taking place at the National Japanese American Historical Society Gallery.

1684 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

ph: (415) 921.5007

Admission is free~! :D

It'll also be treated at as "Tweet-Up", as organized by Manga blogger (and local cartoonist) Deb Aoki. If you'll be in the area, stop on by! :D
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